10162 Detinner System

Project Type: Non-Food Process Feb. 2010 - Jun. 2010

Summary & Goals

This project was for a local recycling company. The customer wanted to use a heated rotating drum with a particular chemical bath to strip tin off of metal and reclaim it along with other valuable materials. TLG developed a design for controls to operate the drum and provided on-site installation/start-up assistance.


A control panel housing an Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 drive (chosen for its constant torque performance at low speeds), safety circuit hardware, and other supporting components was constructed to control the drum. The burner controls were by others with interlocking to our system. The drum was manually filled with liquid chemicals that reacted with the tin to remove it from the other metals. When the process is complete, the liquid is sent through a series of tanks and filters to reclaim the materials. The tanks and filters were controlled by an existing control system developed by TLG.

The operator was provided a station allowing start/stop/E-Stop control along with speed and direction control of the drum.

TLG provided system schematics, control panel, operator station, VFD configuration, and installation/start-up support. Customer provided mechanical and electrical installation.


TLG provided a control system to operate the heated rotating drum safely allowing the operator to have control of the system from a pushbutton station. The start-up went smoothly. The system provides a semi-automated way to strip tin plating off and reclaim valuable materials for recycling.

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