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Over the years, we have completed over 600 projects for our clients. Below are a few of them. Learn more about the challenge our clients faced, the solution and software provided, and the end-results of the project.

10333 Air Compressor System

Customer provides skills training at their facility that requires the use of compressed air. A large OEM compressor package was ordered and installed in 2010. It has never operated correctly in their facility and the manufacturer and sales reps had blamed the customer on an improper main power feed to their building. Customer wanted another opinion and hopefully a solution that did not involve a power service upgrade.

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10262 Advertising Kiosk

Advertising and marketing company invented a portable multisensory advertising kiosk. They had a great concept of what they wanted to produce but no technical ability to produce it. The goal was to take their concept of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and thought and integrate the appropriate technologies together that could access those senses in a marketable unit.

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10257 Plant Ventilation System

Customer’s plant was located in the South and had several roof top ventilation fans powered by buckets in MCC’s throughout the plant. Personnel had access to the controls of the buckets and were able to disrupt the balance of air flow in the plant creating hot spots and negative air pressure areas. Logicon was asked to integrate new MCC’s with DeviceNet and a central control screen in the maintenance shop to manage the control of the air flow in the plant.

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10252 Liquid Filling Machine

Customer had a machine that filled two buckets on a conveyor system with a liquid product. The controls on this unit were custom designed by an integrator that did not want to release the program to the customer even though the customer owned the design. Logicon was asked to reverse engineer the system and apply a new design using Allen-Bradley controls that the plant was able to support on their own.

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10223 Food Process Machine

Customer worked with a custom machine fabricator to develop a proprietary method for extruding, forming, and cutting a dough product. This was an upgrade to a previously designed machine from 2004. Logicon was approached to use the original machine’s program as a base design for developing a new program that matched the capabilities of the new machine. This included upgrading to the latest technology standards in use by the customer.

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10162 Detinner System

This project was for a local recycling company. The customer wanted to use a heated rotating drum with a particular chemical bath to strip tin off of metal and reclaim it along with other valuable materials. TLG developed a design for controls to operate the drum and provided on-site installation/start-up assistance.

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10116 .50 Caliber Projectile Recycling

This project was for a local recycling company. The company had developed a unique theoretical process for recycling .50 caliber ammunition at high speeds and needed control systems to execute the process. TLG developed control system hardware designs, provided programming, and provided on-site installation/start-up assistance.

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10046 Copper Reclamation

Customer purchased a process line for copper reclamation from an Italian company whom specialized in Aluminum. After a few months of startup, the system they provided was barely able to run more than 2-3 hours at a time. With management losing patience, engineering called upon Logicon to provide control system design services to help rectify the situation. The goal for the customer was to have a line that was able to sustain week long production runs with minimal downtime due to control system inefficiencies.

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10193 HMI Upgrades

A food manufacturing facility in the Dallas area was nearly fully automated using mostly current hardware, primarily from Allen-Bradley. Some of its older systems, however, used obsolete HMI hardware on an obsolete network. They no longer had the programming software, and spare hardware was limited. The Logicon Group was tasked with replacing this hardware with current technology, providing the same control and monitoring that the obsolete HMIs did, while providing enhanced graphics and, in some cases, more control and monitoring.

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