10262 Advertising Kiosk

Project Type: Marketing/Advertising Fall 2008 - Summer 2009

Summary & Goals

Advertising and marketing company invented a portable multisensory advertising kiosk. They had a great concept of what they wanted to produce but no technical ability to produce it. The goal was to take their concept of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and thought and integrate the appropriate technologies together that could access those senses in a marketable unit.


After several meetings and brainstorm sessions with the customer on how best to provide the technological solution for each “sense”, a prototype control board was built in the Logicon panel shop. The customer was ecstatic as this was the first time they had seen their concept in a physical and functional form. Logicon was able to create what they could only imagine.

After the concept board testing, the task of refining the design and upgrading certain components began. The team settled on superior sound quality provided by the Pyle and JL components, the state of the art visual and touch abilities of the Samsung 42” LCD Touchscreen, accessory panels that provided the taste and smell via optional inserts, all integrated with high end marketing content produced from the Apple Mac Mini which was the main source of all sight and sound information to be displayed. The main access panel with the on/off controls of various components, including lights, fans, pumps, and sound, was laminated with a custom designed logo of the customer’s brand and their kiosks name.

Logicon provided complete assembly of the control boards and the full Kiosk unit in house. This included installing the LCD screens, the wheels for the base, the internal wiring, mounting of the speakers and lighting. Completed units were wrapped and shipped to the customers location where the final marketing software was downloaded for final testing prior to shipment to the end user.


Logicon was able to produce a system of technologies that met all the needs of the customer. A custom designed control board and faceplate was developed and a streamlined manufacturing process proposed. In total over 30 units have been developed by Logicon and the customer is selling them to some of the largest known consumer product companies all over the world as a portable advertising and marketing tool.

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